About Louis

Bearcom-LR is the personal online store and website of me Louis Roskosch! i've been making t-shirt designs for years now, so i needed a place of my own to round them all up. And a place for my prints and other items, which i started making recently. I also wanted a place for other projects that i can share with people, such as comics, blogs or anything else i might do in future. 

I've been drawing and putting my work online since the year 2000.
Starting with god-awful online fanart, i've done all sorts of work and projects over the years. Comics, self published and actual published (self published was a whole lot more fun), editorial work, book illustration, packaging illustration and a 6 month stint on an animated feature in china.

In 2008 i tried out designing t-shirts on a whim. 
A couple of months later i had one printed (back then t-shirt websites were competition based, payment was mostly made in t-shirts!) Over the next few years i had a few more printed. 

But it was in 2013 that i made designing t-shirts my main thing. I'm lucky that things have kept developing since then, and now i am also making my own prints, cards and pins.

And my aim is to keep going and developing. Having this website as a home is the first step. Thanks to everyone who has supported me and my work over the years!