Evening drawing

Evening drawings

Here are some drawings i did at this start of this year in the evenings as a way to basically relax and take a load off. Also to connect a little bit to the artist i used to be... somewhere along the way i kind of stopped drawing for fun.

I gave myself an hour a day (..not every day..) to draw basically whatever. And also started the same hour method with comics. I'll have to write about that another day.

Twas a good exercise. One hour is not a lot of time, drawing-wise. But it compounds over time. So for certain projects the 'one hour a day method' is a worthy exercise. 

I think i got out of it what i needed anyway. And i think i will keep drawing this sort of 'whatever' stuff from time to time, it's good for the soul.

Inspired by living in Taiwan and seeing people with exotic pets, such as squirrels, tortoises and deer all being walked on a leash like its not even a thing.

Good old (emphasis on the old)  pro wrestling.

I did a T-shirt of Perfect Dark back in 2020 after playing through the game again. (It still somewhat holds up!). The design was pretty popular and it truly makes me happy there are still some PD fans lurking the interwebs out there. It was and will always be one of my all time fave games.

This was kind of a reimagining, spurred on by there apparently being a new one in the works made by a different studio with a main theme of global warming.. it sounds like bollocks so why not draw my own version?
Zero suit samus in a jacket. Because "zero suit" is not very modest now is it and maybe she should maybe cover up a little. Sorry guys. I tried to do this one as a line drawing too, but it just wasn't happening no matter how much i wanted it to.

 More robot hands. Because they make everything look cooler.

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